Name: Colin Robinson

Age: 54

Occupation: Managing Director

Reaching my mid 50’s I realised I needed to become more active as my once a week round of golf seemed to becoming more of a physical challenge than it ever used to be.

My work involves either sat behind a desk, behind the wheel of a car on an aeroplane. I considered a number of gyms but after a fitness consultation and trial at Speedflex I was hooked.

Speedflex is a unique and fun way to get fit. The Trainers and all the staff take time to get to know you personally and the sessions allow you to work to your own limits whilst being part of a group. The flexibility of the rolling session makes it easier to include exercise into my work and home routine and the results after my first 6 months have been phenomenal.

I have more energy, a renewed enthusiasm for work and as an added bonus, I’ve lost almost 2 stone in weight. Speedflex is now an integral but more importantly, a very enjoyable part of my weekly routine.

Name: Elaine Strachan

Age: 40

Occupation: Community Learning and Development Worker

I’ve been going to Speedflex for more than a year now, the longest I’ve stuck at anything.

I like how I can fit the sessions into my life by being able to choose from the different times throughout the day.

The Trainers are really encouraging, they get to know you, tell you when you’re doing something well and correct you when you need to improve your form, making sure we all get the best out of each session.

The results have been motivating, I like seeing confirmation of the difference it is making to my overall health. People have commented on how I look, which is nice but, more importantly for me is how I feel, I’m fitter, healthier and happier.

Name: Suki Singh

Age: 47

Occupation: Property Developer

My initial goal was to do something to make myself feel better in general, as I could tell that I was feeling sluggish and generally not happy with my appearance – my light-bulb moment was when one morning, I found it a struggle to put my socks on! At that point, I thought something had to be done!

I’ve always participated in sports of some kind – boxing, football, tennis – but nothing has given me this level of fitness or has changed my body shape as dramatically.

My body fat was 20.4kgs is now 6.1kgs and I’ve lost around 16kgs in weight. Most importantly, my visceral fat is down from 96.6cm2 to only 37.1cm2 – this should add years to my life.

The support of the Speedflex Trainers is excellent, they really motivate you to push yourself to your limits. They make the sessions fun and enjoyable, rather than filling you with dread – I often find myself staying longer than I intended to.

Name: Rhona Andrews

Age: 60

Occupation: Retired

Speedflex really works for me. Being able to join sessions throughout the day is great. It means I can fit a session in whenever it suits me.

I have so much more energy and feel better than I have for years. I didn’t have much weight to lose but needed to tone up. I now feel much more confident baring my arms in sleeveless tops and dresses.

My posture has improved and I no longer suffer the nagging back ache at the end of the day.

Name: Rachel Childs

Age: 33

Occupation: Investment Analyst

Before joining Speedflex, I had been a member of another gym for over 10 years. After my trial I ended my gym membership and have been taking 4-5 Speedflex sessions per week ever since.

Punctuality is key for me as I generally attend before work. The sessions always start and end on time meaning I know exactly what time I’ll be in the office.

I’m often surprised with the inventive exercises devised by the Trainers which make the sessions varied and fun. Not everyone needs to work to the same level. I have always been fairly active however my fitness has certainly improved since joining Speedflex and I look forward to each session.

Name: Colin Russell

Age: 53

Occupation: Chartered Loss Adjuster

I know that I can turn up to Speedflex at a fixed time and get full access to a structured session led by motivational personal trainers. The recorded calorie burn is a great boost and the personal results for me are beyond my expectations.

When I used to visit the gym by the time I had fiddled with the usual array of treadmills and machines to get a suitable weight I would need at least an hour and a half to achieve anything of a similar effect.

Name: Jan Barry

Age: 60

Occupation: House Wife

Prior to starting Speedflex I had undergone surgery and had total knee replacements in both knees.

Speedflex has helped me to strengthen my muscles in my legs and helped me to lighten and tone my whole body, my fitness levels have improved and I can fit into my clothes better.

The Trainers are excellent and can give alternative exercises so that I don’t damage my knees.

Name: Keldine McIntosh

Age: 47

Occupation: Retired Personal Assistant

For me personally, moving on from 2 years of illness, a final diagnosis of MS and through the doors of Speedflex was a massive self-set challenge.

Since October 2014, thanks to the superb staff at Speedflex and the multitude of benefits I have gained from the training regime, my life has been transformed beyond recognition.

I am currently attempting to train 5 times per week, driven by the knowledge that I will experience a substantial uplift in both health and spirit.

Name: Alan Duncan

Age: 36

Occupation: Marketing

I’m a competitive Obstacle Course Racer (OCR) and Speedflex gives me the core strength and flexibility to perform to the best of my abilities in a race.

Name: Nichola Krakowski

Age: 36

Occupation: Dental Practice Manager

I’ve always incorporated some sort of exercise into my lifestyle  but always found myself getting bored.  I do on average 6/7 Speedflex sessions a week and have never been bored as they areNEVER the same! They are varied and new exercises are incorporated regularly.

My intention when I joined Speedflex was never to lose weight but to tone and build muscle! Speedflex has helped me achieve that and more!

Name: Lucy Rundle

Age: 30

Occupation: Deputy Head Teacher

Speedflex exercises are always varied and give a full body workout. I love looking at the heart rate screen to see how hard I’m working and trying to push myself a little further.

At the end it’s very enjoyable to know how many calories I’ve worked off! At my assessment it was recommended I tone up a bit and build my skeletal muscle and that’s exactly what Speedflex has helped me to do. People have been asking if I’ve lost weight and say I look well which feels fantastic!

Name: Denise Hedley

Age: 46

Occupation: Dental Hygienist

Speedflex is exercise for everyone of all shapes, sizes, fitness, disabilities – and age is no excuse.

All of the Trainers are very approachable, experienced and qualified to ensure sessions run safely. They can tailor sessions to meet people’s needs from beginners to intermediate and advanced levels.

I recommend you come along and give it a blast, the more you put in the more you will surprise yourself and achieve.

Name: Robin Mowlem

Age: 47

Occupation: Full time wife and mother

I have been running for about 10 years and people have always mentioned that I should try Speedflex to compliment it but I was always sceptical.

When my friend hurt her foot in February we decided to incorporate something else. I now do Speedflex at least 5 times a week, alongside my running, which will always be priority.

Speedflex has definitely helped my stamina and my legs and core feel much stronger. I always thought I looked reasonably toned around my stomach area but now I can see a great  improvement.  I love Speedflex because no two sessions are the same and afterwards there are no aches and pains.

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