What the press says… Woman

Speedflex success story! Karen Thomas talks to Woman Magazine about how Speedflex has helped her to lose weight and tone up!

How’s your bottom line? Calling all corporates.

Speedflex can help improve your business’ bottom line by improving the health and fitness of your employees. In 2013, sickness absence cost the UK industry £31.1billion. Health problems can be significant but are often attributable to inactivity.

What’s your number?

As summer rolls in we all start to think about our summer bodies but, have you stopped to think about what’s happening on the inside of that 6 pack?

Speedflex Q&A – Julie Kroon

This month Speedflex London’s Julie Kroon shares her love of Dirty Dancing (the film), martial arts and Reeces peanut butter cups!

What the press says… Health and Fitness

How much would you pay for the perfect body? Health and Fitness investigate but Speedflex’s Matt Bolam explains the importance of seeking out advice.

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