Speedflex Q&A – Josie Baxter

Seemingly a Royal enthusiast, Newcastle Personal Trainer Josie is the youngest, and arguably loudest, of the team. She shares her love of nachos and her goals to have washboard abs in this month’s Q&A!

Maximise your gluteus maximus

We all secretly want that peachy bum! But did you know, a well-built bum makes you stronger and safer both during exercise, and in general life. It helps protect your lower back as less stress is put on the spine, allowing a straighter posture, as well as placing less strain on the knees when walking […]

Success with six weeks of Speedflex

Name: Iggy Ferrer Age: 34 Occupation: Structural Engineer Iggy trained at Speedflex for 45 minutes a day, five times a week, for six weeks. And his results speak for themselves. In just six weeks Iggy successfully burnt 20,032 calories, resulting in a total weight loss of 6.1kgs, of which 4.7kgs was body fat mass alone. […]

Speedflex Q&A – Gareth Sewrey

This summer we’re showcasing one of the most enthusiastic fitness fanatics we know, Surrey’s Manager, Gareth Sewrey. The only person to claim a Speedflex machine would be on his list of 3 items he could take to a desert island!

How quickly do you recover?

According to researchers (in a report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association) somebody’s risk of having life-threatening heart disease can be determined easily and accurately – using a simple (and non-invasive) test, heart rate recovery.

Fitness friends

Everyone has those days when we will find any excuse NOT to exercise. When you’re exercising on your own, it’s so easy to just tell yourself ‘I’ll work twice as hard tomorrow’… and then it gets to a week later and you still haven’t exercised. So here are some reasons as to why having a […]

Speedflex Q&A – Casey Hewitt

We’re heading into summer 2017 by getting to know Speedflex London’s newest Personal Trainer to join the team, Casey.

Tips for getting in shape for summer

We all want to feel confident on the beach this summer, but how do we make sure our efforts will yield the results? Here we answer some age old questions about getting beach ready!

Speedflex Q&A – Eimear O’Leary

This month we meet our first Speedflex Trainer from Cork, Ireland. Eimear talks about her love of Toy Story and James Corden in this months Q&A.

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