A new Speedflex session for summer..

This summer Speedflex is adding a new themed session to the offering.

The start of July means the launch of new timetables across the network with all sites adding the new themed session!


So what’s new?

X-Flex will be offered in both 30 and 45 minute sessions and has been designed to take you through various planes of movement with resistance and suspension training to ensure you get that full body workout. Some movements can be made higher in impact to get that heart racing but don’t worry, we have you covered if you’d prefer to keep your feet on the floor and keep your joints a little happier, progression and regression is key.

In order to deliver X-Flex, the studios will see the arrival of new auxiliary kit too including suspension trainers and resistance tubes.

Timetables will be announced in due course, so keep your eyes peeled for when you can try X-Flex!

So you're ready to flex?

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