About Speedflex

Multi functional

One Speedflex machine, an endless number of exercises.


Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.

Full body workout

A combination of Speedflex machines and traditional exercises.

No impact

No pressure on your joints.

Little or no post exercise soreness

No bulking just lean muscle building.

Burn more calories

Users work to move the bar in both directions, engaging more muscles.

Ultra safe

The lever arm only moves when you move it.

Work at your intensity

The lever arm moves at whatever effort you apply.

Efficient use of time

3 x 30/45 minute sessions a week is all you need.

Speedflex: MyIntensityâ„¢ Training

Without getting too technical, you only get what you give. Speedflex machines respond to you.

Suitable for anyone of any age or fitness level, Speedflex enables everyone to exercise at high intensities, but at levels
set by each individual.

This coupled with the added benefit of little (or no) post training muscle soreness; Speedflex is efficient, enjoyable and delivers
a cardiovascular and resistance workout simultaneously.

Speedflex machines have a free motion bar which, unlike traditional resistance exercise machines, requires users to apply force through an entire exercise, as opposed to force in one direction, followed by a controlled movement back to the starting position. This means that even the most basic of exercises will become bigger and more complex, requiring the use of opposite muscle groups.

As there are no weights and the resistance is set at all times in both directions, the momentum users would usually experience during resistance training, is eliminated, meaning the user must work to their optimum level to complete the exercise.

Speedflex machines also operate on a closed loop circuit which means resistance is automatically adjusted in response to user-generated forces. When the body begins to fatigue, the machine will adjust the resistance to maintain an individualised optimum workout.


The foundation of Speedflex training is the Classic session, however, we also offer a range of themed sessions for you to choose from..


The original. Low impact, high intensity 30 and 45 minute inclusive sessions blending a mix of Speedflex exercises with our traditional auxiliaries.


30 and 45 minute sessions comprising of Speedflex only exercises. Designed to take interval training back to basics PureFlex will utilise Speedflex machines to take you to high intensity training zones followed by rest periods to lower the heart rate.

Rolling Session

Drop in when it suits you. The session starts when you want it to and ends when you decide. No more worrying about missing your start time. Take the stress out of your journey. We are ready when you are.


Make use of what you've got. 30 minutes of interval training using Speedflex and body weight exercises only, followed by 15 minutes of core work.


30 minute sessions combining Speedflex training and abdominal focused exercises. A real emphasis on improving your core strength, posture and spinal stability.


Designed to be the most challenging Speedflex experience to date. An array of new complex and compound Speedflex and auxiliary exercises which involve more resistance and are more strength focused. The sessions will be more demanding on the body and have been designed for those who want to supercharge their training.


All about the 4's. Designed around the Tabata training method the 30 minute sessions will be structured around 4 minute blocks formatted in a variety of ways. Strength and cardio based with an emphasis on intensity.


Designed to take you through various planes of movement with resistance and suspension training to ensure you get that full body workout.