MyIntensity™ training

In a typical group Speedflex session you will find individuals of all ages, fitness levels and capabilities training under the supervision of a trainer. More importantly each and every one of those individuals will be getting the workout he or she requires for whatever level they are at in relation to their health and fitness. Visual feedback from a MYZONE heart rate monitor on TV screens ensures motivation never wanes and a great playlist completes the picture.

We’ve done the thinking so you don’t have to. By removing the need for you to adjust settings (that most of us don’t understand anyway) Speedflex trainers maximise the time you spend exercising, delivering a seamless, productive and results-driven session tailored to your personal needs and goals.

A Speedflex group training session is like nothing you have ever experienced before. In simple terms, it’s a resistance and cardiovascular total body workout all in one short 30 or 45 minute session. It’s high in intensity but low in impact and a phenomenal calorie burner. Yet amazingly, you will experience little or no muscle soreness post exercise.