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Dark nights don’t have to put a dint in your training..

20th October 2018

With the clocks going back imminently, training after work in the darkness of winter (when the temptation is to go home and collapse in a heap on the sofa) can be a tough challenge.

So how can you stay on track?

Use your Sunday wisely

Take 10 minutes out of your day to think about the week ahead, if you want to average 3 training sessions a week, when can you fit these in around the food shop, ferrying the kids to where they need to be and that catch up with a friend.  Will it be Monday, Wednesday and Friday; or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday? Sometimes you might have to cram all three into Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but if you know what you want to achieve for the week ahead you’re more likely to plan when you’re able to train in advance and stick to it because there’s no alternative (thanks to that exciting trip to Tesco).

Pack a snack

Heading to train hours after your lunch can make it an even more daunting task; your energy levels will be lower and your hunger will be kicking in. Schedule a snack in 45 to 60 minutes before you’re due to start your workout and it can be all you need to lift your energy levels, your motivation and it might even help you push yourself that little bit harder, can I hear PB?

Dress for success

This one is simple but effective. After work, make an effort to change into your training kit before you leave the office; once you’re in the car, if you feel the temptation to take the turn towards home, psychologically you’re already better equipped to stay committed as you’re changed and ready to go. The feeling of going home to take unused training kit off is often a good enough reason to push you to attend.