Three every day activities that can negatively impact your posture

If you have good posture, your organs are in the right position to function efficiently and your bones are aligned in such a way that your muscles can work as intended.

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There are a number of everyday activities that can negatively impact your posture without you realising, here are three habits you could be guilty of and ways to make simple adjustments for the better…

Sitting all day

For many, sitting down all day long is normal; from eating breakfast, travelling, working at a desk all day and relaxing in the evening. This has ramifications not only on your posture but your overall health. Issues can include neck pain, tight chest and shoulders, lower back pain, tight hips, knee pain, weight gain and muscle degeneration.

Aim to reduce optional sitting in your life. If you have to sit then aim to move for 2 minutes for every 30 minutes that you sit. Perform some basic mobility drills and exercise with range of movement when you can.

Mobile phone use

Using a mobile phone throughout the day often means you end up looking down creating craning in the neck and rounding in the shoulders.

Aim to stand wherever possible. If you are sitting then aim to keep your neck and shoulders in line with the rest of your body. Also try and keep your bicep facing up to the ceiling with your thumbs also pointing upwards – this will help keep your shoulders in a good position.

Bad workout form and exercise selection

Badly written programmes or a lack of knowledge to create effective exercise programmes can often lead to poor posture and injury.

Often people will train muscles that they can only see in the mirror leading to rounding in the shoulders, forward tilt in the neck and hips and overall poor posture.

A well written resistance programme will include agonist and antagonist muscles. Seek guidance from health and fitness professionals that can show you how to perform correct technique and write you a programme that is well structured.

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