Speedflex in the City

The Speedflex Centre on Lombard Street, City of London is now operating full 45 minute Speedflex sessions and is able to offer memberships to users.

The full double centre will officially open in September 2013 but with one studio already complete personal trainers are leading sessions with a number of users who have already joined.

If you’re interested in learning more about Speedflex everyone is entitled to a free induction and first session, you will burn more calories and have a more satisfying work out than you ever thought possible.

There are a range of membership options available to suit your needs with sessions running from early in the morning until around 8pm.

For more information or to book an induction or session call 0844 543 3631 or email reception.lombard@speedflex.com.

Twitter: @SpeedflexLDN

So you're ready to flex?

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