Offer your members Speedflex MyIntensity™ training

Boutique exercise is growing in popularity and Speedflex is a leader in the field.

A Speedflex studio can open group training up to a much wider audience by offering a genuinely inclusive alternative to traditional exercise. The inclusivity of Speedflex machines, which reduces, and often eliminates post exercise muscle soreness, combined with experienced Trainers, ensures an unrivaled and fully inclusive small group training environment.

The Speedflex concept offers a truly unique exercise experience. Exhilarating total body workouts, an engaging Trainer and state of the art heart rate monitors provides an immersive experience. The unique nature of the machines ensures that as users get fitter and push harder, the machines respond, so customers are always guaranteed a great workout, whatever their level of fitness.

Speedflex sessions maximise time spent exercising, resulting in productive and results-driven sessions. Trainers lead sessions with enthusiasm, getting the most out of the group environment, while also maintaining a level of inclusivity, offering progressions and regressions on exercise selection depending on the goals and abilities of the users.

A range of themed sessions mean users will struggle to get bored. From tabata themed Speed4lex sessions to CoreFlex and the more challenging Flextreme, all users attending a Speedflex session are guaranteed a unique personal experience. A standard Speedflex studio has a session capacity of 16 but this is scalable depending on space.

Interested in adding a Speedflex studio to your offering? Why not contact a member of our sales team to begin your Speedflex journey today?

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