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Creating your own boutique studio experience using the Speedflex concept is guaranteed to be a hit with your members.

Our concept fits seamlessly into your brand, or creates the opportunity for you to create a new sub-brand boutique fitness experience.

The Speedflex studio concept can be tailored to work with the space you have available, and is as effective with 4 machines, as it is with 16!


Individuals of different training abilities can be in the same classes because Speedflex machines automatically adjust their resistance levels to the ability of the user – meaning the training concept is inherently inclusive.

Data collected is relayed to a large video-wall at one end of the studio so that individuals can see information about their workouts, like heart-rate, effort and calories burnt.

This feature provides a focus for both the trainer and the trainees, as individuals are pushed to achieve their best and can encourage others to do the same.


"We believe there’s a stereotypical type of leisure centre and think this really needs to change. Thus over the past couple of years, we’ve focused on branding, the overall feel and now we’re focusing on the offering. We believe we need to be offering a boutique experience that’s affordable.

There’s also been a recent shift to a more experience-led workout – people don’t want to just come in and run on a treadmill or sit on a bike, they want an experience. So for us it’s about partnering with people that can offer that level of experience and engagement. We wanted to create something different and we feel that Speedflex equipment is unique in itself. The look and feel is completely different from anything else in the market at this moment in time, and because it’s non-DOMS exercise, customers won’t feel any muscle soreness the next day, despite having done an intense 30-minute workout.

We worked to develop our exclusive Fortis brand, including the look, feel, branding, music and everything that sits behind it. The end result has been a totally collaborative effort and enables us to compete on a product-level with the private sector."
Duncan Jefford
Regional Director, Everyone Active
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