Colin Robinson

  • Age: 56
  • Occupation: Managing Director

Reaching my mid 50’s I realised I needed to become more active as my once a week round of golf seemed to becoming more of a physical challenge than it ever used to be.

My work involves either sat behind a desk, behind the wheel of a car on an aeroplane. I considered a number of gyms but after a trial at Speedflex I was hooked.

Speedflex is a unique and fun way to get fit. The Trainers and all the staff take time to get to know you personally and the sessions allow you to work to your own limits whilst being part of a group. The flexibility of the rolling session makes it easier to include exercise into my work and home routine and the results after my first 6 months have been phenomenal.

I have more energy, a renewed enthusiasm for work and as an added bonus, I’ve lost almost 2 stone in weight. Speedflex is now an integral but more importantly, a very enjoyable part of my weekly routine.