Emma Deabill

I joined Speedflex after moving to the area. I was slightly nervous as the only exercise I had really done consistently before was running. I thought that a couple of jogging sessions a week were keeping me fit…. little did I know how much Speedflex would change my opinion and life.

Speedflex has opened my eyes to a new and exciting way to exercise. There are so many sessions on every day which works with my busy work schedule and also there is also a range of abilities so I feel comfortable training with everyone in every session.

We have a laugh and there is a great feeling of team spirit while we train together, of course there is a bit of healthy competition thrown in to keep us motivated and on track. The atmosphere is welcoming and everyone is very friendly and sociable.

The trainers are brilliant and fantastic at what they do, they ensure each session is varied and different and I honestly feel like I have my own personal trainer each time I train but without the isolation. They are supportive throughout each session and they have coached me on how to do the exercises and use the machines properly, however they do also push me to my limit so after every workout I feel invigorated and like I have achieved something.

I love the MYZONE technology to track my workouts and progress too. I have had some results quickly with my body fat and waist size decreasing and my muscle mass and strength increasing. I am so happy and impressed!

I am looking forward to improving further and have no doubt Speedflex will help me get the results I’m looking for.

I would honestly recommend it to everyone. Come along and give it a try, you won’t regret it.. I haven’t one bit!