Keith McStea

Forget ‘the science’ of what the machines do, I wanted to stay fit and figured out that if I start something it’s easier to keep going if you enjoy it. So here I am nearly 6 years later, I attend on average 5 times per week, every week!

Don’t worry about others in the session as the age range, fitness levels are so varied you’ll be surprised and yes dare I say, all different shapes and sizes too, so it’s suitable for anyone and it’s a friendly upbeat atmosphere, you won’t feel it’s a dreaded task.

For me personally, I just want to maintain my fitness levels, I do set myself little goals along the way for calorie burns and MEPs (using MYZONE).

The trainers are great, they’re there to help you make progress, offering varying levels of difficulty to suit you, it’s NOT a boot camp.

I still don’t know ‘the science’ of the machines but I do know this; if you can go 2-3 per week and don’t head for a latte and cake straight after, you will improve your fitness levels and your shape..

Give it a go because it’s do-able and fun.