Mary Casey

Having retired a few years ago the hardest issue with which I had to contend with was the lack of routine, both work wise and fitness wise, when one went the other did as well, this led to the dreaded weight increase, stiffness, decreased flexibility and suppleness.

I tried all sorts of regimes but got bored or fed up quickly and then I heard about Speedflex. This exercise regime is particularly suited to me, an older women in her late sixties, as I can be as competitive as I like on a good day or take it as easy as I like when I’m tired – and yet feel I’m working everything! This is a very practical and easy way for those older people like myself, who need to exercise but are intimidated by gyms. It covers all bases, cardio, strength and general wellbeing.

You perform at whatever pace you can manage or want, there is always someone there for support, encouragement and advice. I’m hooked.