Paul & Lori Francis

  • Age: 60
  • Occupation: Civil Engineer & Civil Servant

A few years ago we realised that it was now our own friends, rather than those of our parents, who were having heart attacks and strokes and we therefore needed to try to prevent this happening to us. We realised the need to start exercising on a regular basis and to have a healthier diet.

We tried the larger gyms in the area where muscle men were posing in mirrors and hogging the weight benches and it made us feel slightly intimidated. We ended up just using any spare machine which really didn’t do us much good.

Then we found Speedflex.

We are able to train together most mornings before work and to come away feeling invigorated and with a great sense of achievement knowing our bodies are benefiting.

We have both had a substantial reduction in visceral and body fat. Lori dropped a dress size within the first 8 weeks of joining and Paul is still adding extra holes to his belts.

We have both become addicted to our Speedflex sessions, the Trainers make them fun, treat everybody equally and we’ve made many friends.