Suky Singh

  • Age: 49
  • Occupation: Property Developer

My initial goal was to do something to make myself feel better in general, as I could tell that I was feeling sluggish and generally not happy with my appearance – my light-bulb moment was when one morning, I found it a struggle to put my socks on! At that point, I thought something had to be done!

I’ve always participated in sports of some kind – boxing, football, tennis – but nothing has given me this level of fitness or has changed my body shape as dramatically.

My body fat was 20.4kgs is now 6.1kgs and I’ve lost around 16kgs in weight. Most importantly, my visceral fat is down from 96.6cm2 to only 37.1cm2 – this should add years to my life.

The support of the Speedflex Trainers is excellent, they really motivate you to push yourself to your limits. They make the sessions fun and enjoyable, rather than filling you with dread – I often find myself staying longer than I intended to.