Tips for getting in shape for summer

We all want to feel confident on the beach this summer, but how do we make sure our efforts will yield the results? Here we answer some age old questions about getting beach ready!

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How many days a week should you train?

A lot of things can affect how many days a week someone should workout. Work obligations and childcare being the biggest factors. Anybody wishing to maintain their health should aim for three times a week as a minimum, so long as they train with purpose. A good gauge is to use an activity tracker, such as MYZONE, as with this your effort is rewarded with points, and the recommendation is 300 per week. Those looking to make improvements to body shape, weight, etc, should look towards five or six times a week realistically, and consider suitable dietary changes to support the increased activity level.

What are the best exercises to do and why?

The best exercises are without a doubt compound exercises. These are exercises which recruit more than one muscle group to complete, for example a squat takes a strong lower back, bum, and legs to perform correctly. Because of the larger muscle recruitment your calorie burn is optimised and your metabolic rate increases.

What are the benefits of strength training?

The more aware of our muscles we are the stronger we can contract them. Strength training increases this mind to muscle connection and allows us to trigger and use them more effectively during our workouts. In turn this increases overall strength, our metabolic rate (calorie burn), and our performance in and outside of training.

So you're ready to flex?

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