Bad memory? Just remember to exercise..

Bad memory? Just remember to exercise..

Tuesday 30th April 2019

Growing older, we all begin to worry more about our memory, which can be affected by a variety of different factors.

Memory is the ability of your mind to store and remember information. We have three main stores in the brain; the sensory store, this stores information received from our senses and is withheld for only a split second. The working memory, has a store which can hold information up to 30 seconds. Finally, the largest memory store in the brain is the long term memory, with an unlimited capacity of storage and can withhold memories for life.

Some changes in memory may be caused by problems such as stress, anxiety, excess drinking or nutritional deficiency.

To maintain a healthy memory, simple lifestyle changes can go a long way in supporting memory retention. Three of the most important factors to consider are;

  1. Exercise. It increases the blood flow into the brain, enhancing its efficiency.
  2. Snoozing. Getting a good amount of sleep allows the brain to process memories more effectively.
  3. Go green. Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake will encourage nerve cell growth in the brain too.