The hard truth is that physical inactivity is killing us.

A recent study by Cambridge University concluded that a lack of exercise is responsible for more deaths in the UK than obesity. All major illnesses can be prevented and often reversed by regular exercise.

There‘s research to show that it’s never too late to start exercising – and taking it up no matter what your age can add years to your life.

The problem we then face is what to do. High intensity exercise has risen to prominence in recent years because of the scientific research proving its efficiency but typically involves high impact exercises which tend to exclude anyone with joint problems, weight issues or medical conditions.

Not with Speedflex. The unique design of our system ensures you get the most efficient workout possible, very safely. Whether you’re ‘fighting fat’ or ‘fighting fit’ you can train to the best level for you each and every time you are in the room.

So you're ready to flex?

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