Let’s not be modest, we think Speedflex is pretty special.

If you usually hate exercise we think Speedflex offers a way for you to get fitter and healthier that’s tolerable (- enjoyable even!)

If you already love exercise, we think you’ll love Speedflex too. It’s a great way to challenge your body in a new way that’s unlike anything else you’ve ever tried.

We’re all about maximising the time you dedicate to taking care of your health and fitness. Who wants to spend two hours in the gym five times a week? Not us!

The high intensity nature of Speedflex coupled with resistance training means you can take care of your health with as little as three sessions a week.

We’re also kind to your body. Low impact training and the technology in the machines means there’s little (or no) pain involved – during or after!

So you're ready to flex?

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