The Speedflex system adjusts thousands of times per second in response to how an athlete is training. It uses established scientific principles and the latest technology to create the ultimate fast twitch training regime.

Traditional exercise regimes have been developed to meet the ever increasing demands placed upon athletes, such as explosive speed and power and greater levels of muscular endurance. These regimes rely on the eccentric loading of muscle groups at velocities of approximately 70 degrees per second, a level at which there is a significant risk of injury. Speedflex utilises the science of Isokinetics to enable athletes to train concentrically at high velocities. Individuals can train at speeds of up to 800 degrees per second with no excessive overload on the joints or overstretching of the muscles.

When training to improve performance the ability to analyse, adjust and enhance the speed at which athletes can move between exercises or how fast they can produce explosive movements is key to progression and improvement.

Speedflex targets Type IIA and Type AB fast twitch muscle fibres which increases the speed at which muscles contract. High velocity resistance training enables athletes to increase strength, power and endurance at speeds not previously attainable because of the momentum required. It would be possible to achieve such velocities with traditional weights however the risk of injury and inertia presents a very real danger to the integrity of the muscle, ligaments and tendons of any athlete in training.

Speedflex enables athletes to improve power, explosiveness, speed, muscular endurance, flexibility and agility in an incredibly safe environment.

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