Why Buy a Speedflex Studio For Your Gym?

Bring your gym to life with a speedflex studio

Innovative inclusive group training concept everyone is talking about

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Why buy Speedflex?

Speedflex is a proven and innovative differentiator The inclusive nature of our studio ensures every member of your gym, no matter their fitness levels, can now avail themselves of the proven benefits of regular HIIT session. Why run HIIT sessions when only 10% of your members can utilise and reap the benefits of them because the rest are unable to take part for various reasons? Speedflex will quickly become the popular session of choice for a larger number of your current membership. More importantly, it will attract new members who previously may have thought that they were not capable of joining in regular HIIT sessions. What’s not to like about that?

Diverse group workouts made easy.

Group exercise continues to grow in popularity, and HIIT is scientifically proven to provide maximum improvements in health and fitness. A Speedflex studio delivers high intensity exercise to a much broader audience due to the low impact nature and inclusiveness of the machine. You can fill a studio with people from all stages of life, from aspiring 18 year old athletes to 88 year old grandmothers looking to maintain the best level of fitness possible.

Attract New Members

A Speedflex studio provides a genuinely unique and proven differentiator for your gym offering. It will enable you to reach out to new members attracted by the inclusive nature of our sessions and the incredible and fast results they can achieve.

Retain existing members

Our vibrant high intensity low-impact studio will quickly become the ‘go to’ offering in your gym. Members of all ages and abilities can train safely every day in a studio that offers an infinite variety of total body workouts. The innovative sessions and the great results will guarantee they keep coming back for more.

Generate more revenue

The addition of a Speedflex studio to your gym offering enables you to generate additional revenue either from standalone Speedflex membership or Speedflex membership bolted on to existing memberships. Gyms which have already added a Speedflex studio have been able to attract around 100 Speedflex members within a few months of launch and have been able to generate additional monthly revenue in excess of £2,500 (net of VAT). After that they have continued to grow their Speedflex membership base and associated revenue.

What we offer

Custom gym design

Training & Programmes

Marketing support


Expert Support

Custom gym design

Our gym design experts will bring your space to life with our 3D visualisation software, allowing you to see the finished studio in all its glory.

Training & Programmes

We offer comprehensive in-house training delivered by our master trainers, access to our library of pre-designed Speedflex sessions delivered through my zone software, and virtual session programmes.

Marketing support

Our marketing team will support you to introduce your new Speedflex studio within your facility. We will provide marketing collateral (leaflets, banners, posters, social media artwork etc..) to help you promote the launch and the studio throughout your 6-month trial.


We have a close working relationship with a professional finance broker which is very active in the fitness sector and is very familiar with our product and service offering. Should you wish to finance your purchase of our studios we will put you in touch with this broker so you can obtain examples of likely funding costs.

Expert Support

With a great deal of experience and knowledge in launching and running Speedflex studios, our team are here to support you and to help you establish a successful and profitable addition to your existing facility. From studio layout, staff training, launch planning, business development, regular maintenance and much more, we are committed to support you.  

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Multiple full body workouts.

The unique nature of Speedflex machines combined with a Personal Trainer, MYZONE heart rate monitoring and a great playlist to boot, transforms Speedflex into an exciting, efficient and enjoyable alternative to traditional HIIT. A standard Speedflex studio has a capacity of 16 and a range of themed sessions, guaranteeing your members will be continually engaged.

As a company we strive to be innovative and deliver the latest industry concepts to our members. Speedflex further enhances our ability to utilise the latest industry platforms such as MYZONE, enabling us to deliver an enhanced member experience. We’re getting fabulous feedback and great repeat usage with occupancy is in the high 90% range.