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Speedflex is the most inclusive workout in the world

Whichever Speedflex product you choose, you can be confident that every single person who visits your facility can benefit from a safe, effective and personalised workout.

The unique Speedflex concept is the only way to enjoy HIIT Without the Hurt, a high intensity, low impact, full body workout which all comes without any delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

How does it work

Speedflex uses innovative piston technology which means it responds to the force you apply. By moving the free motion bar slowly it is light and easy to move, as you move the bar faster and with more force, it offers increasing resistance and is more difficult to move.

Speedflex only uses concentric movements, completely eliminating the DOMS which can be so off-putting for beginners, deconditioned individuals and even those in training for a sporting event or competition. When you train on Speedflex, you know you will experience no aches and pains the following day.

Uniquely Inclusive

The Speedflex concepts caters for all levels of fitness and the majority of pre-existing health conditions. This means that you can have a wide variety of individuals taking part in the same class and working out to their own maximum level.  All Speedflex equipment responds to the force applied by the user making it suitable for everyone. With no need to adjust the settings, an 18-year-old and an 80-year-old can both get a great workout which is optimally suited to their own intensity.

All Speedflex workouts are safe and effective, uniquely inclusive and offer high intensity but low impact, full body training