Why is everyone so hot for Speedflex?

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Speedflex is exercise but not as you know it.

An alternative to the gym or a bootcamp, Speedflex offers high intensity circuit training sessions led by a personal trainer – but there’s a difference. Whether you’re Alan Shearer or a first time exerciser Speedflex will help you reach high heart rate zones as the machines respond to your force as opposed to weights, meaning you train at the best level for you personally. A combination of cardio and resistance training, using Speedflex will leave you with little to no muscle soreness afterwards (say bye bye to bum shuffling down the stairs).

Whether you want help with weight loss or improving your general health and fitness interval training is the way to go. We can tell you how you’re doing too as our Physiologists offer a range of comprehensive health assessments.

Our Ambassadors

  • Stephen Miller

    “Speedflex provides essential support in my training for Rio 2016. I started dramatically improving as I got to grips with the machines and discovered just what they were capable of.”

  • Ben Shephard

    “As somebody who is seriously into my health and fitness I’ve done many different types of training, from martial arts to boxing, and nothing compares to a Speedflex session.”

  • Alan Shearer

    “Speedflex allows me to train to my maximum every time I’m in the room. I can train at a high intensity alongside people of all different fitness levels and have no pain the following day.”

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